Murray Miskin, Canadian Asbestos Compensation Claim Lawyer

Asbestos Lawyer Canada

Murray H. Miskin, Canadian Lawyer

Almost all lawyers who work to get compensation from US based asbestos trusts are with American law firms.  Very few Canadian lawyers know much about this compensation.  Those who do usually will refer your case to a US law firm and get a referral fee for that.  Unfortunately, the US law firms have little understanding of our Canadian system and the needs and options available to Canadians.

Luckily, you can get help from a lawyer in Canada to get compensation from the US asbestos trusts for serious illnesses such as mesothelioma through the Miskin law firm.  At Miskin Law we understand the horrors of asbestos cancer and what Canadians can do if confronted with it.  Lawyer Murray Miskin comes from a family of plumbers where he has personally dealt with family members’ asbestos related cancer.   Murray Miskin’s law practice is primarily focused on asbestos cancer and mesothelioma compensation. Our Ontario based law firm works for Canadians in every Province and Territory.  The Miskin law firm is registered with the US asbestos trusts that are open to compensate Canadians. Miskin Law  applies directly for compensation for Canadians. We also work as needed with a US law firm to access additional sources of compensation for Canadians.  Our asbestos claim work is normally done on a contingency fee basis so you do not pay anything until compensation is received.  We bill the same percentage as the American law firms and Canadian sales tax (PST, GST and HST) is included in the fee so you will not pay more to have a Canadian lawyer. Contingency fees are regulated by the Law Society in Ontario and limited by the asbestos trusts in the US. We understand the Canadian Workers Compensation system and can advise you on how best to get maximum compensation in your situation. It is important to get legal advice BEFORE you apply for any compensation as you will limit your other options by choosing or not choosing Workers Compensation.  We make house calls across Canada to sign and notarize documents needed for claims.  We also do much to help individuals who have become ill from secondary asbestos exposure who are not eligible for Workers Compensation benefits.  Call toll free 877-428-8000, email or visit our main website: for details.  When calling press 1 to speak with Murray Miskin or press 2 to speak with our senior law clerk Anna.